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Originally Posted by PrimaryArms View Post
Glad you like it so far, the reticle is mathematically set for ranging. When you go mall ninja style all through the house testing CQB keep both eyes open and reticle illuminated in your peripheral vision pointed a bit down and then whip over like a red dot again both eyes open. There is no need to look through it like your going to shoot further out. I hope you understand what I mean.

I don't go mall ninja lol, and I've worked with ACOGS, EOTECHS and Aimpoints so I've got the Bindon Aiming Concept thing down. Full on range report will be useless as my weekends are going to be tied up working on my 51 pickup and I'm sure others will beat me to the punch, but my first impression of this scope is great, whenever there is a lull in business the thing is getting looked through. Also had some customers look through it and they all liked it so hopefully y'all will see some new customers.
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