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Originally Posted by oddjob View Post
AFS means Automated Firearms System. The computer system LEO's use to check firearms data base, owners, thefts & etc. To be honest I can get more info about a candidate from one's Facebook, Myspace & etc page than a list of firearms they own. Be careful what you put on there (hint, hint)!!
I don't have a myspace/facebook: Call me old fashioned but I like face to face communication with my friends.
-That's not to say I don't enjoy calguns to the fullest extent!

I am, however, very conscious of what I post online at any site. I tried to practice "think before you speak" as much as I can, both online and in daily life.
I'm happy to inform everyone who posted on this thread that I took your advice and bought the new .22 as both an early college graudation/Mcdonald celebratory gift! It's a Savage 64fxp that was on sale at Big 5 for $139.99 and I had a 10% off coupon! It's nothing special, I just wanted a cheap camping/plinking .22 and this fits the bill! Thanks for everyone's input!
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