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Originally Posted by CSACANNONEER
Most AR style rifles have a .22cal bore. If your's is chambered in .223 or 5.56 IT IS a .22cal rifle. It is not a .22LR cal rifle though. So, if you word it correctly, you would not be lieing. Also, I would not call yur BB equiped AR an "AR" at all. Just call it a " (insert manufacturer's name) .22cal (or .223 if it makes you happy), semi auto carbine (or rifle)".
Originally Posted by Ron-Solo View Post
IGNORE THIS !!!! If you want to be a LEO, don't fall for idiotic word games. It is the same as lying and will get you DQ'd faster than hot brass will burn your skin.

Feel free to list your Stag/Spikes/Whatever OLL as a .223 semi-automatic rifle. It is NOT an AR-15 by definition, so don't call it one.

And don't worry about getting the .22. Buy it and enjoy it.
I'm in the process with a few depts right now. Don't fabricate anything or play word games. Follow RonSolo's advise.
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