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A handgun and two or three rifles won't raise any red flags. Get the .22 and enjoy it. When I was hired I just had to list the guns I owned on a form that had spaces for model, serial, caliber etc. Weapons handling and marksmanship are an important skill in LE, and you can easily articulate a desire to have a variety of weapons to practice with to even the most liberal of departments. I know that now is not the time to be picky about an agency, but I wouldn't want to work for an agency that frowned upon owning firearms.

I doubt your BB AR-pattern rifle will even be an issue. When you list it, you will simply be putting model, serial, caliber info. If the investigator is aware that what you listed is and AR-pattern, they will most likely know about the legalities of the bullet button. I would be surprised if any of this even came up. You've already stated you know better than to play word games about caliber, and what not. It sure would stink to get DQ'd because you misrepresented a .223 as a .22 and then have that department black list you from other departments. Follow your instincts and you'll do fine.
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