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Originally Posted by SoCalDep View Post
They only asked me about my registered handguns...They can't see your rifles unless you voluntarily registered them or they're registered assault weapons.

It made for a funny exchange. She started asking me one by one if I owned a .40cal X (yes) and a .45cal Y (yes) and a....(flipping through several pages of printout)...How many guns do you own?!? (A lot...I shoot competitively)..."OK" she says and that was the last I heard of it until my psych. She asked about them and I gave the same answer and that was that. No problem.
I figured based on how thorough the background check supposedly is, they'd probably ask about the ones I OWN, not necessarily the ones I registered, but I'm glad to hear others have been in the same boat and everything worked out fine.

Just for S&Giggles, how many guns did you own at the time?
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