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Thank you Turners for the great prices and selection, but Holy Crap that was a long day. I'm sure for you as well. I drove from Ramona and I got in line as B33 at 6:30am. I considered leaving, but I figured it would get better. I got the ammo I wanted (except for .22LR) and waited for my turn at the gun counter. They were on #10! I thought I was gonna be in and out and to work on time. Then I heard them call A-11!??! I'm B33! DAMMIT! Ok, It's my choice to wait so I did. Called my boss and told him I'd be late (as did the other guys I was killing time with). This was about 8:30am. I finally got in the checkout line @ 12:36pm! I then get to my truck @ 3:50pm. It felt so good to get some water to drink after all that.

Also, I was wanting the Ruger .270 advertized but I didn't have the coupon. My fault for not asking for one from the guy walking through the line. I asked Tim D. (the manager helping me) that since it was a store wide promotion and not a Grand Opening promotion if he could have one sent there so I could include it in the dros. No Problem!! Props to Tim D for giving a siht since everyone was slammed and had a couple hundred more people to help after me.

Thanks again.

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