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"You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass."

- Unknown

"Should hostilities once break out between Japan and the United States, it is not enough that we take Guam and the Philippines, nor even Hawaii and San Francisco. To make victory certain, we would have to march into Washington and dictate the terms of peace in the White House. I wonder if our politicians, among whom armchair arguments about war are being glibly bandied about in the name of state politics, have confidence as to the final outcome and are prepared to make the necessary sacrifices."

-- Isoroku Yamamoto

That so called White Supremacy and Guns over the Fireplace sure saved many from certain extinction. The USA would have been butchered like China saw the deaths of 100,000 at a time at the hands of the Japanese. And Japan was just a small island across the Pacific. Today you have a hostile foe across our border. And they look
to take it all and call it Azlan. And there are plenty inside who would assist. So you disarm your foe to the point of capitulation and make him feel guilty for everything.
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