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each reticle has a purpose. I'm lucky enough to sell them all and get to test them out out. If youre a shooter and a hunter, you have plenty of different scopes with different reticles for different styles.

Duplex/nikoplex/multi-x/ etc.. Great reticle for a basic hunter. usually shooting closer ranges, under 400 yards, but perfect for drawing your eye into the center. If you're diligent you will know where your holdovers are for that reticle with practice. that style still works for well for its purpose.

BDC. Ive used this reticle quite a bit. Nikon put a nice package together and kept them at great prices. If you know your distance or have a rangefinder, this is a good choice for that budget. Many shooters shoot at known ranges or can range them electronically. I've used the BDC on a few hunts and it worked well for me. Literally wrote and printed my dope on paper, taped it to my stock, and had it for easy access. I hate moving my turrets on a HUNTING setup, so they BDC is nice for me for that SPECIFIC purpose.

Ranging reticles Mil Dot, TMR, MLR, EBR, G2DMR, Horus, etc. These are great for target shooters who are extending their shooting distances or are shooting at the unknown ranges. I've been out before, no rangefinder, and just picking targets out after Ive set them up. These reticles are needed for that. As long as you know how to use them correctly. its great to have one and practice fundamentals as well. Its a skill that becomes lost with current technology.

Bottom line is that there are many different styles of reticles out, many scopes or various price ranges, many options for you. There is not one reticle that I would use for everything. I have a 1895M marlin and sure as hell not putting a G2DMR on it. I have a German #4 thats perfect for it and its purpose for me.

I have a tarhunt RSG slug gun that has a Duplex style crosshair in it's glass. I'm shooting within 200 yards, that is what I like on that setup and it works extremely well for me. Lots of racks to prove it. Also have a M&P 15/22 with a nikoplex on there. I'm not gong crazy with it, but thats all I need and its fun.

I have a MOA PST that I love. On an AR platform, and its a nail driver. Targets get shreded. Unknown distance doesnt bother me at all. Also have a M223 BDC on another one. Coyotes pay the price for it. Works perfectly for that setup, for me.

Sorry for the long winded response as well. Just want to chime in and say there are purposes for everything if its what you like and need.

Trevor B.
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