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Originally Posted by ExtremeX View Post
Looks like another "Iíll pass on it" Nikon product. Not much I like about this optic, but I guess itís not a bad price point considering it comes with a mount... but Iíve been less than impressed with that Nikon has been putting out lately. So many other better options on the market.

1" tube

Small objective

40 MOA of internal travel, even with the included 20 MOA mount itís still 15 MOA less than a Vortex PST and you can always add a 20 MOA mount to that scope as well.

I really donít know where Nikon gets these reticle designs but itís near useless for ranging and measurement.

Iíll take a standard mil or moa graduated reticle over their BDC or useless Nikoplex any day of the week.
Pretty much sums up my thoughts on these scopes too. I'm not sure what the thought process was behind putting a BDC turret on a scope without a rangefinding reticle (Mil Dot, MP-8, etc.). The BDC reticle as well completely lacking a standardized method of mil based rangefinding. I like the glass and overall quality of Nikon products, but I think they dropped the ball on the design features of these scopes. I suppose for a company that also sells laser rangefinders though, the lack of a rangefinding reticle might not be a bad thing....
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