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Mb, It is out there and shipping from retailers to those who ordered early. I have had the opportunity to look one over at Shot and some of my buddies have taken it to 700 yards in Utah just a few months ago with rave reviews. It comes with the Nikoplex and Rapid action Turret to 800 yards and the BDC reticle. Use it with Nikon's Spot On Ballistic Program to increase your accuracy even more. Similar to Nikon's M-223 there's a big demand for this scope for a reason. As I tell folks every day, take a look down the tube and buy the scope that will best for YOUR needs.

Here's a post from another site by a guy who actually has some trigger time with this optic and does not work for Nikon.

"Its my buddies rifle that I did some work to and wanted to see how it shot. I had installed a Geissele trigger, Magpul stock and a few other items. Last month I was able to shoot this rifle out to 700yds at Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf. I hated the trigger so much I had him sent me the rifle to work on. The new Nikon M308 worked great on the rifle. The reticle has holders from 100yds out to 800yds. Between the semi auto and the M308 engaging targets was fast and very accurate. Spirit Ridge is one awesome place to shoot. They have targets out to 1300yds. With the Armalite we shot at 300,500 and 700yds. First round hits at 300 and 500 with no problem. 700yds was tough with the high winds. Today I was able to get 3/4 groups without even working up a load. The rifle also has the M308 mount with 20MOA built in."
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