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Originally Posted by DrDavid View Post
Curious about qualifying.. It says you need a holster that can retain the gun... Does a friction retainer work? Or do I need to buy a Serpa or something similar prior to the qualifying?

Also, the 70% pass grade.. I'm slightly nervous about hitting bullseyes at 15yds.. How big of a target do you need to hit? Any advice on what I should be using to practice/train before having to qualify?
I have used an MTAC and a plain kydex holster. I've never gone with an actual "retention device". Use what you have.

The qualifying target is a full-size human silhouette. If I remember correctly, the target looks something like this one:

If you can hit a human-size head at 10 yards, you will do just fine. The best advice I have heard is, "just don't shoot Sgt. Hoover."

There is no time limit. Sgt Hoover will likely tell you to take your time and get your hits. Nothing to really worry about.

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