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Originally Posted by DrDavid View Post
I live in Riverside county (not the city), and am going to be filing a CCW with the sheriff's office shortly. I have an interview scheduled March 5, 2012...

Can anyone give me any tips and/or advice on dealing with them? Is it as easy to get as I've read? or are there any issues that would cause problems?

I'm clean as a whistle. Not even any tickets...

Any insights would be welcome
The interview is very laid back and straight forward. They will go over your application packet with you. It's definitely NOT an interrogation process. Be yourself, be polite, and dress like a respectable person would. From your screen name, I'm assuming this won't be a problem for you.

I was in the office once with a kid waiting for his interview, and he was shaking so badly he wouldn't have been able to hold a cup of coffee. I felt real bad for the kid. Nothing worth getting that worked up over.
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