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Originally Posted by DrDavid View Post
Just a few follow up questions...

For the reference letters.. Can they be from clients? I know it can't be from an employer, but clients aren't employing me (but, they do pay me...)

Fees.. Can you really only use money orders/certified check? Personal checks aren't ok? Cash?

Training... I know the place in Yorba Linda is $179, but what if I take it at the sheriffs office? Does anyone know the cost for that?

Guns... I've modified my XD to add Trijicon sites. But, I'll be qualifying it with the sites on it already.. I assume that's ok, right?

What is the process to add a new gun? My thought is that once I get the ccw, I'll probably want to be a compact to carry.. I know I need to qualify with it, but, is that it? Fees?
Letters from clients should be OK.

Money order/certified checks only.

I believe the training with RCSO is only $100. It is a four hour class if I remember correctly.

You have to get approval for weapon modifications from the RCSO range master when you qualify. Sight changes are no problem. In fact, probably not even worth bringing up to him.

I think it's $10 to add a gun. You have to qualify with it, and then come back at a later date to pick up your new card. I believe there is information on this in the application packet.
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