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Originally Posted by bigcasino View Post
Hi all. I am kind of new to the CA LTC thing. I moved to CA from IN back in 2001 and untill now didnt follow much CA gun laws (more than to make sure I was with in the law and legal). Back in IN i had a CCW but was always told that you couldnt get one in CA now from what I am reading it is possable to get a LTC here. I live in Riverside and now I am thinking of applying later this year. I have been trying to read as much as I can on how it all works. Could domeone walk me thru the process or maybe refer me to other websites that could be helpful for me to prepair for this. Thanks for all the help
Probably the best route to go is to join over at CalCCW, go to the County Specific FAQ for Riverside and read through that, and follow the steps outlined. But in a nutshell it goes like this:

1) Download the application from the RCSD website. Go through it, fill it out.
2) Assemble ALL of the documents they ask for. When that's all good to go ...
3) Call the CCW Unit and make an appointment, and go get your two cashier's checks.
4) Be prompt and squared away for your interview. It is fairly informal and they will not put you in the "hot seat."
5) If you and your GC appear good to go, they will schedule you for Livescan, and your app will be sent over to Admin for processing.
6) You have the option of doing your training on your own or waiting until your file comes back from Admin and they will schedule you there at Ben Clark. They will also schedule your range qualification.

If you need help with your GC, PM Riverside County members over there at CalCCW or here. My experience is that those who have made it successfully through the process are very willing to help.

Sheriff Sniff has made great improvements to the process. I know many would like to see a GC standard more like that of San Bernardino where PP is allowed as good cause, but one thing that I am confident in saying is that the politics have been taken out of the process. The Sheriff does not issue to the "connected" while denying regular citizens. You meet the standard or you don't. The staff he has put in place for the CCW Unit is outstanding.

Finally, do not be nervous, and do not procrastinate. I say don't be nervous because the Deputies at the CCW Unit are really great guys who will treat you with professional courtesy and respect, and are really very willing to help where they can. And I say don't procrastinate because the Sheriff IS ISSUING permits and the CCW Unit is getting busier. At present it takes 2-3 months start to finish.
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