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Originally Posted by lucky13gunner View Post
how did you go about mounting the cheek rest on the buffer tube?
Originally Posted by Good2goDD View Post
Out of box thinking. Actually, just walked around the house looking for stuff, hence:
Result: SS Clip (perfect fit) is very strong locking-in the front end while the zip tie securing the rear end.
Thanks for the info, Good2goDD! You gave me some good ideas.

I saw someone on another site using RC turnbuckles (turned out really nice for him!). Tried that, and it didn't work (wrong size/length), so I did it this way:


Front end: I had to use the pliers on the multi-tool to bend another "loop" for the pin/strut to hold the other bolt in.


Rear end: the longer bolt just went it easily. Slight bending of the bolt, though.


Didn't like how the metal finish didn't match, so I used flat black paint to coat the silver-colored bolts.



Of note, I covered the buffer tube with an Exile Machine foam cover first to enlarge the overall diameter of the tube so that the free edges of the saddle wouldn't have to be wedged too close together, and the foam serves as a cushion as well.

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