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Originally Posted by afteractionreport View Post
I've never hunted. I want to and I also want to experience "skinning" an animal.

Its kind of a last minute idea since I have a four day weekend coming up soon.

I have no idea what to expect but am willing to travel.

Wife is forking over the cash so I'm left with the planning---if it actually happens...

Deer, hog, Turkey comes to mind but open to anything that's palatable and in season.

Since it's my first time I would probably need a guide and all the details needed to hunt legally...

I have an AR in 556/223 with scope and a M500 in 12gauge but short barrel. Willing to buy a 28 inch barrel...

Any ideas for me?

I'm in the Long Beach area so any info on nearby businesses that offer the safety course?


If you already have a AR in 556 just get another upper . There are several different options for the AR15 platform that can take down everything from varmints to Moose . It all depends what your upper is chambered in . You’ll probably need a specific bolt and magazines in addition to barreled upper .
6.5 Grendel , 6.8 SPC , 350 Legend , 458 Socom . 50 Beowulf just to name a few .... some of those might be overkill for what your intended game is but you have options ..

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