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I've hunted with a .454 Casual, but only did that once. For me, the real value of .44s and 500s and other high recoil handguns (a T/C Contender chambered in .445 Supermag is the worst recoiling gun I've ever owned) is to use them as training tools to learn / relearn how to deal with recoil.

If you can shoot a 500 S&W without anticipating the recoil, a .40 S&W or 9mm feels like a cap gun. It teaches you the importance of a strong grip, smooth trigger pull and follow through. If you can consistently hit your target with full bore 500 SW loads, you can hit your target with nearly every handgun.

One caveat. Do not let the gun hurt you. If you do get hurt, revert to shooting .22s until you convince your mind that shooting will not hurt you then work up slowly to the big bores.
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