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Originally Posted by Whiterabbit View Post
I don't like this.

I keep a kennedy tool box next to my bench (IMO the best tool boxes money can buy (I just can't swing Gerstner prices), and appreciate the thinner drawers. I keep my presses in the bottom drawer. A mount-board would not fit, so that is not a workable solution for me.

I have also learned I don't like C-clamping stuff to my bench, the clamp gets in the way.

looking at YOUR bench, I think you can't clamp anything either But if you can make that work, more power to you, those medium depth drawers on the left side of the tool box are as deep as the deepest drawers in my entire shop, and would suit the purpose. Could fit two presses in one of those drawers.
you can only clamp something on the left front corner (without obstructing a drawer or door). i have clamped a light there.
it wouldn't be suitable for any heavy work, but it would be okay for a small vice used just to keep your hands free (not for removing a stubborn muzzle brake).
i wasn't really thinking about reloading unless i can start shooting more outdoors.
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