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While I am not the one to decide, I think you have a "good cause". I recommend you write a letter, listing every case of theft from your trailer including police case number (you did call them to report, right?). List any case were there was a "strange" activity that might have lead to a "dangerous" one, even if it didn't. Explain why it is important that you keep doing this job. List your gun training and qualification. Tell them how you are a long time, good, contributing resident of San Mateo CO. Call the Sheriff office and ask to speak to the person handling LTC permits. Be patient and polite. My experience is that they want to help you. Do keep us posted.

Originally Posted by SoundENGR View Post
Hi all, I'm new to this Forum, so forgive me if I say anything stupid. I'm a San Mateo County resident (Redwood City), and have been my entire life with the exception of one year in Emeryville.

I have been a handgun owner for a while now and feel comfortable enough with my handgun to carry it. I am asking for some opinions on here because I can not contact the Sheriff's office about it because of a close relationship with the person I would normally ask (who is very anti-gun), and because I've not forums much other information on it in forums.

I own an audio business and run sound for events. I regularly tow a trailer with about half a million dollars worth of gear in it with a truck that has my company name including advertising equipment for concerts, events, etc. on the side of it. I also work alone, and am loading my trailer late at night for over an hour leaving it open, and have had equipment stolen from an event site twice. Now I think I would have "Good Cause" for Sheriff Munks, but I've also seen plenty that around here that the expectation of victimization is not considered "good cause". Now I don't have a bag full of money that I carry around, but what's in my equipment trailer is my life and career, and I consider it more valuable to me than a bag of money.

I would love to get some outside opinions on the relationship between "expectation of victimization" and "protecting large sums of valuable equipment" with regard to San Mateo County's CCW's.

I very much appreciate any input or response on here, and any outside information I get I'll happily share here!!
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