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Originally Posted by bplvr View Post
I just read ALL of the posts and RM never chimed in on this point. Does he have a CGN Blue Polo ? what shift ? what day ?
The reason it didn't work exactly as first planned is because I jumped in to co-coordinate midstream. At first my shifts were filled by RedMonkey. I should have been added but what actually happened was I got added and RM got deleted. That should not happened.

RM has a polo and he should be added to both Sat shifts.

Originally Posted by bplvr View Post
The reason that there is a 4 person max is that X-Roads only lets out 2 passes /8ft. booth. I managed to get them to allow us to buy 2 more as we have a 'rotating staff'. THE Saturday coordinator collects the armbands @ 5:00 and reuses them on Sunday. X-roads is aware of people trying to get more armbands to get their friends in to buy ammo.
This is a NO-NO. X-Roads has a long waiting list to get a table. We MUST abide by their rules.
Good info, thank you. We absolutely will not abuse these privilages and will abide by the rules. No question, I personally swear to it.

One thing to keep in mind is that it will be extremelly beneficial to have as many calgunners as possible participating and gaining experience. Increasing participation and gaining experience will only help in the long run as we grow our chapter.

Originally Posted by bplvr View Post
The blue polos were established to make us look professional. CGN T-shirts were not permitted as it was to confusing to the public as from whom they were getting their answers.
Absolutely agree, the polo is mandatory from our POV and everyone will wear it, no exceptions.

Originally Posted by bplvr View Post
I know you guys will do a good job, but I need to know what is going on and who is taking charge of the booth. It looks like we now have 3 co-cordinators....
Now this is not really fair, we've communicated a few times our proposed structure via phone and email conversations.

RedMonkey is our Chapter leader and thus heavily involved, since we coordinate our efforts through him first and foremost.

TacticalPlinker and I are the "official" Booth Coordinators for our chapter.

That's it, end of story. For this first booth all three of us are working closely together for several reasons.

1. RM and TP have attended a show and therefore have the most experience.
2. RM is chapter leader and has insight and access to swag, materials etc.
3. RM was initially tasked as coordinator and was already accumulating materials. So why change mid stream, right?
4. Experience and consistency. The three of us will gain the first hand experience and know what each other are doing etc.

After this show, RM will leave TP and I in charge for future shows and then we'll be streamlined.

The roster and polo's needed stand as in my earlier post.
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