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Well, at almost 140 days later... just a couple weeks shy of 2 months over the time limit by statute, I have a response from Placer. Denied. The reason was just a regurgitation of the same reason given last time when they didn't even actually process my application. It makes me wonder if this time around even counted as an application anyway also since they are going for the "wait 5 years" before re-applying.

May not even matter anyway though as it seems. We've been talking about moving out to the country to have a little more space. Whether that means down the road or out of state is still to be determined. Plumas county actually would be nice. My wife's family is all there and her brother is the SWAT commander... so we are well connected in that SO... We could also both easily get work there, again... lot's of connections and family. Other than that, we've been looking at Arizona or Texas. There are things here that would need to be figured out before we could go so far, but something could come up that looks and feels right. Until any of it all is sorted out, I'm not gonna' even worry about this stuff here in Placer. I just wanted to give you all the update though now that some movement has occurred.

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