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Originally Posted by pitchbaby View Post
I haven't mentioned this here yet, but I applied again back in January. I hadn't thought I would say anything about it until I had a response whether of denial or approval. As it turns out, I still have had no answer. This time around the interviewer spent almost an hour with me and was very open an honest, even showing me a printout of my "record" letting me know that they had nothing official about the "confrontation" I had with a road rager which proved to be the reason for my previous denial and was a little perplexed that it might have a bearing on a decision when it was nothing officially reported. He was also clear to make sure I knew my file was thick with previous applications and notes and he did not review it all, but was only concerned with my official police printout. In fact, all it seemed that was on my history was one traffic citation and one incident where I called the police to report a person threatening me bodily harm a few years ago. If there was more, I admit, I am no pro at reading a report, and although he didn't go over it line by line with me... As he showed it to me, he suggested there was nothing he felt on my official record to cause concern. He then was also clear to point out that he was not the deciding authority, but was also clear in saying that he believed in being open and honest about what he thought they might use to make a decision. He said my cause looked solid and only asked that I send in a copy of my retail tax license, which I did later that same day. Since then, I have heard nothing.

My 90 day mark is Monday. I know that by statute they have 90 days to respond, but it seems they are so bogged down that I wonder if I will get anything back by then.
wow..I would've thought they'd be back to you before 90 days. That sounds excessive. I hope I hear something sooner than that.

My interviewer couldn't give me an idea of how long it would take. Not even an estimate.
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