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With all that CGFoundation has/is doing the last I expect is help on my letter. I'm good with help from the brains of CGForum... Here's a start.

Dear Aristocrats,

My name is... I was overcharged... this is against the public policy as statues _______ reflect .... I am not a danger to the public or my family as in the case of your compatriot the SF Sheriff... please allow me to unlock my guns and insert the mag as it is much safer for my family this way.

Sorry if I seem that I am no longer taking this seriously. I am just feeling disenfranchised. LUC for me I guess. The funny thing is the "lovely" Elizabeth wont return my polite calls. Far cry from Jessica this one is.
"You will see us move very quickly to gut the remnants of the assault weapon ban in California"- Gene Hoffman

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