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Wow, haven't checked this thread in a week or so, thanks for the info guys, I don't understand ANY of the last several posts but...

Originally Posted by Darryl Licht View Post
Did you ever gain entry to the admin page...
Yes, it's, just like several of you said, thanks again.

Originally Posted by stilly View Post
I have to agree with Merc too though in that no matter WHAT you choose, if you has a password named "password" or something simple no amount of encryption/security will prevent it from being compromised (to a POINT of course).
Currently it's a 10-digit random numeric. The same one the ATT guy gave us when he did the original installation.

So I just did some digging through the MANY admin pages and tabs within pages, and here's what the relevant tab looks like:

So all I have to do is select "WPA2-PSK (AES)" in the drop-down list and click the Save button?

Is that all I have to do to switch it over to WPA2?

There is a statement at the top of the page:

Warning Modifying the settings on this page can impact the ability of devices to access your wireless network.

My fear is clicking the Save button and losing all connectivity and then not being able to get back into the Admin page to fix or change it back...

I've got ~10 different devices configured to automatically connect to the router, and it will be a PIA to re-enter the password for all of them again. Will that be necessary?

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