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Airsoft pistols are as good or better than dry-firing for pistol practice at home.

1. You'll get the same weight and feel for draw because Airsoft guns are usually built the same weight (sometimes accomplished by lead inserts in frame) and external dimensions as stock real-steel pistols so you can use the same holster.

2. Airsoft green gas mags have close to the same weight as a loaded magazine (give or take a round or two) so you can practice reloads realistically.

3. Most airsoft pistols can accept the same accessories so you can set up your pistols to be an exact match for grips, sights, etc. You can even modify Airsoft trigger pull and reset though you'll likely have to send that to a specialist 'Airsoft Gunsmith' for that.

4. Convenient: Airsoft BB's only require a blanket or throw rug as a backstop.

1. The only thing missing is the full feel of recoil. And Green Gas pistol has less recoil impulse than a .22LR.

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