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Originally Posted by Colt-45 View Post
Colt 1911 .45 says you're a classy guy.

Beretta says you like large capacity of small projectiles.

USP says you like a company that treats civilian customers like ****.

A Colt or an Italian Beretta for a young guy is a hell of a first buy.
i bought my Beretta at 21 and still have it to this day. i love it. no issues at all. 92FS. i also have a Kimber .45 love it as well. i'm not a huge handgun fan but i do like to shoot them.

the beretta fits my hand very well as does the kimber. so go shoot them all if you can you will find what you like. it does'nt matter what other people tell you what gun is what find one that you like and stick with it.

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