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Never used an H&K. Never particularly cared for the company anyway. If .45 is what your after go with a 1911. Fantastic handgun and loved by Americans for the last 100 years for good reason. Any reason you aren't looking at the Glock 21/30/36 or the M&P45? Glocks are excellent handguns and the M&Ps seem to be taking some of their market. I wouldn't write off the M9/92FS models, Beretta makes a darn fine handgun, it did topple the 1911 reign in the US military and is still used in LE. What I particularly like about the 92FS is the safety/decocker, can be fired in SA or DA, easy disassembly and the open slide design. Newer ones have a rail (not sure if those are CA approved though). The testing the US military put it through was quite impressive. IIRC issues with the handgun were smoothed out in the late 80s, that was several decades ago. It is an excellent handgun, I regret selling mine.

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H & K does that? But the USP is the one I consider the best of the best. It's the .45 ACP I want. Yes, the classic M1911 in .45 also. Okay, I won't touch the Beretta at now.
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