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Originally Posted by guns_and_labs View Post
It probably doesn't matter any more, since his sniper school story has been refuted, but his intellectual property claims don't hold up either. From his bio,

Trademarks aren't patents, and don't document anything other than a name or an image. Most patent holders know the difference. But then, a patent search doesn't seem to come up with his name or invention, nor can I find a withdrawn trademark in his name either.

I was able, however, to find a lot of similar systems that predate 2001, including some now worthless algorithyms I worked on back in the 80's (for tank shells, not snipers, and they sure weren't handheld).

It seems I worked on the predecessor systems to the ones Bruce worked on, but it doesn't help my marksmanship any. But I attribute that to the fact that he did his academic training at the University of New Orleans and the University of Houston, while I was wasting my time on the same at Harvard and MIT. And he did the Rand thing while I hung out at IBM and Bell Labs. Evidently, I chose poorly, and failed in my quest to be "the real deal". Oh well.
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