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Originally Posted by windrunner View Post
I read back through your post several times and I'm trying to get a clear understanding of the sequence of events in how things were set up. Particularly how and when you guys were told to take your positions. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like the shooters were instructed to take positions and then the targets were set up.
the match director stood on the side of the hill amd pointed where the targets would be setup.
They used the same three targets throughout the day, leap-frogging the nearest target out past the other two each time.

So the first stage, if we shot targets at 80, 100 & 120, they would move the 80yd target to 150.
Then, the 3rd stage, they would move the 100 yd target past the 120 and 150 targets.

The students of the guy running the class had prior experience in the location and the target placements.
They knew to setup at the far right as the targets would become invisible to most other positions.
The guy running the match never told us this.
The targets were well past where he pointed that they would be placed.
If the targets were only placed where he said they would be, most people would have been able to see them.

As they moved the targets further and further, the targets were no longer visible to many of the shooters...
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