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Default Change of Attitude

I live in Morgan Hill, CA on 17 acres. I have relocated no less than 25 rattlers over the years. In July 2015 I was bitten by a large Western Rattlesnake. I was walking three dogs. Two dogs were studying the snake when i approached. The third dog, a young male ran up as I was commanding the other dogs back. I blocked his forward momentum and (not smart) I received a severe venom injection on my right hand. Three days in ICU and 4 doses of anti venom later I'm fine. I leave snakes alone in the wild. On my property I now kill them with a shovel if they are out in the open during the day. It is too risky to handle them. I'd use a .410 or .20 gauge with buckshot. I don't see fire as a risk factor with a long barrel--at five feet or so.
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