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after much consideration whether or not to give out the famous recipe for tri tip, I have come to the conclusion that is in the best interest of the Cal Guns community to share it

take a tri-tip and rub it generously with Kirkland brand Sweet mesquite seasoning found at your local costco. let it sit for 1 hr or more depending on when you will be ready to cook it.
next put it in the Char-Broil Big Easy
cook for an hr to hr and half until the internal temp is 135-140. dont overcook it.

Let rest for 15 mins, and cut to desired size helpings

that is really all that is too it, the big easy has one temp and is either on or off, its that easy.
with the racks for it you can cook 3 at a time and as long as you dont overcook them, they will turn out perfect everytime.

Now lets go shopping!
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