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If you're not going to hunt ducks very often the only reason to NOT go with a 20 gauge is cost and availability of ammo. 20 gauge ammo is a bit harder to find and more expensive than 12 (though not as bad as the 16 you've been using).

A 3 inch 20 gauge will shoot the same payload as the 16 you've been shooting. If you're going to spend a day shooting ducks (or non-tox pheasants), spend 60 bucks on two 10 round boxes of Nice Shot ( and be done with it. If you find that most of your shooting requires you to shoot past 35 or so yards then the 12 might be your answer. Though, Hevi-Shot offers 1-1/4 oz of #2 Hevi-Duck loads for 20 gauge. I have no idea how they fit it in there, and no idea how they pattern. If you don't intend on shooting ducks (or perhaps) pheasants much, you might as well look at the 20s.

20 gauge semi-autos tend to be trimmer, lighter, and easier to carry and would be my choice if I was mostly an upland hunter, or did more than a couple of miles of walking for hunting ducks (and if I didn't have a 16 gauge).

As it is I'm tentatively in the market for a 28 gauge semi because I like my shotguns like America likes its supermodels, wafer thin, light, and incapable of kicking.

Oh yeah, and to answer your question, the Benelli Cordoba would be nice. Also the Montefeltro, though the Cordoba seems trimmer (but heavier). I haven't handled an Ultra Light yet.

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