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If you haven't you could go to the skeet seminars that are stickies at the top of this forum. They loan out guns and you could ask if they have an autoloader you could try. I have a Beretta 3901 which I got because the Bereta 390 is a very good gun and this is just a much cheaper made version of it. I like the Rem 1100 also.

It would help for you to try out a few. I hunt dove and have always used 12 ga. but I usually use 20 gague for skeet. When you are shooting a lot of rounds the lower recoil helps. I don't think you give up much going down in gague.

Last year I bought a 28 ga. for hunting and used it on dove. Love it and I didn't really notice hitting birds was any harder.

I don't hunt turkey but I would like to in the future. I imagine with the right load you could do just fine with a 20ga, although most would prefer a 12 for everything.

Try the skeet shooting seminar, you'll learn something even if you don't get to try the gun you want, and you'll be able to talk to some very knowledgable shotgunners. Tripple Bs is a big place so they might be able to rent out a gun for you to try, I don't know.
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