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Originally Posted by Rogerbutthead View Post
I have seen one Type 44 for every 20 or so Type 38s or 99s.

I have only seen one Type 30 - in the 80's - which I bought - probably in the price range you quote now - I would have thought they were worth more now.
The Type 30's are pretty elusive, unless you are looking for a smooth bore trainer. I paid $560 for mine with a mum and a cracked stock. I fixed the stock (photos under Gunsmithing and How to..."Fixing a crack in wood stock Part II") and now am very happy with the rifle. Gunbroker has a non-mum one for sale for $600, but it's been for sale for a long time. Sometimes you need to search "Japanese 30" along with "Arisaka 30" because some pawn shops aren't very familiar with these rifles.
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