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Originally Posted by bubbapug1 View Post
In terms of brass life I have never had good luck with belted cars. At most 3-4 reloads, but usually they are shot at the belt after 2 reloads, or a total of three shots.

I take great care to not resize the brass, which insures as little stress as possible in the belt area, but alas it's the first shot that usually does the damage as the chambers for most belted magnums seems to be reamed liberally, as they are hunting calibers, and a jam, especially while hunting Cape buffalo might just ruin your day.

If one could use a belt less magnum and meet the African nations demand of stopping power (375 H&H is the minimum in Many countries) than I'd do that if brass is your concern. However if your hunting Africa brass cost is the least of your budget I assume. Why would you use an exotic case no one carries? Just go back with standard brutal calibers stocked in abundance.

That would be 375 H&H, 300 win mag, 338 win mag. Or even 308 Norma mag!!

Until the dinosaurs return from global warming those calibers will work fine.

You have not yet discovered the Larry Willis belted magnum collet die? The problem you describe can be solved. I have 7mm Rem mag brass that is on its 7th loading.

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