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Originally Posted by Romeo_alpha01 View Post
Itís simply just a work computer at best, mostly word documents, graphing, data display, internet. Occasionally Iíd like to use it for diagnostic work (which I already do with a Toughbook at work when diagnosing heavy equipment). I donít need it for video editing, and I donít think Iíll really require any GPS features unless Iím convinced I really need that feature. Iíll be using this everywhere, including a shop environment (think cars and reloading bench).

I realize electronics become obsolescent in short order, so if I can get a rigged laptop where I can change out memory and hard drives on the fly, or upgrade the CPU, that would be great. At work I currently use the older CF-30 with the Core Duo. The general dynamics and more expensive newer toughbooks use the i7 which is what I used to have in the surface pro 3.
I havenít seen any ruggedized laptops that are also able to easily swap out parts because they are typically sealed up pretty well for their IP certifications. Laptops in general arenít all that upgradable. You can always swap out the hard drives and swap RAM, but the max RAM is typically fairly limited and the CPUs are almost never swappable without removing the motherboard. For that type of thing you are looking more at the gaming type machines as thereís usually just a single panel to pop off and get at that stuff, or 1 screw that holds the HD in that slides out the side. At any rate, out in the field you almost always see the Panasonicís exclusively, as far as rugged goes. (Or the Trimble which is the same thing). We tested the Dells in house, and they were nice, but just too expensive for what they were. Check out their rugged extreme series. They are pressure sealed. We threw them off ladders and sprayed them with high pressure hoses in the lab. Canít kill them. Well, shooting them kills them, they also test them at the range. Putting ball bearings on the screen and running them over with an f150 does not kill them.
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