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A while back, I took a friend and her husband to the range to try out a few handguns. The wife is probably 95# max, maybe 5'1" tall. She shot .22LR, my Ruger SP101 .38, a standard size 9mm SW and a Ruger LC9s Pro, my HK P2000sk (.40 with the light LEM trigger), and my full-size HK USP .45. Surprisingly, the liked the P2000sk the most! While slightly "fat" compared the Ruger, the recoil was far less and the grip much more comfortable. HK really nailed the recoil management with the SK, more so than the standard P2000. Even with .40 S&W caliber, the P2000sk is polite enough for rapid fire on target. The light LEM trigger uses no external levers or buttons for safety; keep your finger off the trigger and it won't go BANG. Pretty simple.

On a side note, with the magazine "holiday" purchases, the P2000sk has now gone from a 9+1 to a 10+1 (standard P2000/USPc magazine with X-Grip) to a 13+1 (P30 standard magazine with a different X-Grip)! Very nicely balanced and great firepower for a sub-compact.
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