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Originally Posted by pitchbaby View Post

So, just for "sayin'... Officially... How am I not above any reproach? Prominent members right here at Calguns have to my face and in person told me they knew "behind-the-scenes" things about why I was denied after they poked around a bit, and think it is deplorable, but they are not in any position to be able to do anything about it. If I had not vowed to keep silent over what they discovered, I wouldn't share it anyway because it seems too unbelievable to me. So, again... just for sayin' how does that happen in a county where issuance is otherwise seen as reasonable and easy?
Is there anyway you can elaborate on this?
Originally Posted by Gio
It is so nice to drop mags freely even though I do that now with my featureless AR and AK it is not the same as the real thing. Like Coca Cola here in the US compared to Mexico with real sugar not corn syrup!
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