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I guess I'll jump in this thread. I might be moving to Rocklin by the end of the year, and wanted to know if there are any out of the ordinary things I need to know before I apply for a placer CCW. I currently have a permit through Sutter and I know once I move it will expire in 90 days. I know that I'll have to actually come up with a GC statement this time around (Sutter is truly shall issue and all I had to put down was "self protection").

I have no criminal record, 1 speeding ticket 5 years ago, in the military and hold a security clearance. I think my chances are pretty good in Placer. I've been hearing this talk though of reference letters... I've read over the posted policies on the placer website and I couldn't find anywhere where it says that such letters are required. Is this just FUD? Also anyone know the current timeline from start to finish?

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