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Question Titan Gun Vault

I was at the Costa Mesa gun show this weekend when I came across this item. At first it looked like every other gun vault but at second glance I noticed the vault actually had a second compartment for a magazine. (The magazine holder is an add on part and will be available later on next month from what i was told.) The person who created this safe is apparently an engineer. He told me since the magazine was locked and in a seperate compartment, it would be legal to carry a full magazine, unloaded gun anywhere in the vehicle as long as the vault was locked. You can choose your combo, even make it a single button. Also another cool feature, if you park your car outside, when you open the vault, there is a piece of metal you can remove from inside to take the vault out and carry it like a briefcase. I just thought it was really cool and was tempted to purchase it, but I first needed your opinions. How legal is this. The man said it was DOJ approved, but Im sure just the vault is. Not sure about the legality of the loaded mag. Im sorry if this has been discussed before. I did a search and didnt find anything.
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