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Originally Posted by nicki View Post
I don't see Illinois not trying to go en-banc, if for no other reason than to stall.
I'm not sure that is something they would want to do. After all, the en banc court might not be as kind as was the current panel. . . It depends on how they see the rest of the court acting if they try to go en banc.

And since the current panel gave them the 180 days to fix their laws, the en banc court might figure that if they rule within 120 days that Illinois only gets another 60 days to fix their laws? This could be a very difficult thing for them.

So, here is my question.

If the court didn't tell Illinois outright that their weapon's carry bans are now void.
I may not be on point on this one, but my brief response is that the court did tell the State of Illinois that their carry ban is void. But they get to act as if it is not void for another 180 days so that they will not be without a legal/regulatory schema in order to deal with the carry issue.

I'm probably not saying it right. . . But the law was found to be unconstitutional and thus has been struck down.

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