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Originally Posted by CalBear View Post
I believe you are correct. Illinois has a system of home rule units, where cities and counties that are sufficiently large are given a huge amount of power over their jurisdictions. The state can only overrule their laws by passing legislation that specifically applies to home rule units with 3/5 majority in both houses of the legislature.
Yeah, knowing what we know I don't think the NRA will let that fly. They are going to establish state preemption of some sort whether it's just for concealed carry or gun laws in general. They have almost all the power now. As long as they have 51% of the votes in at least the senate or the house then they could just refuse to vote on any bill that doesn't include the right reforms and I think they might have that 51% that will support major pro-gun reforms.

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I want Blood for Oil. Heck I want Blood for Oil over hand wringing sentiment!
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