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Originally Posted by Clownpuncher View Post
Ok, dumb question. With this decision being pretty clear in stating that carry is a right outside the home will it have any impact in the legislation requiring states to honor each others CCW permits? Will this perhaps give the legislation a push over the hump so a Florida permit is good in XXXXX state?
Of course this is all for legislation consideration after we Thelma and Louise off the "fiscal cliff"
I would think at a minimum in states that require a permit, it would require them to issue permits to non-residents if they do not already do so.

I think give it several more years after all states have gone shall-issue/ConCarry, etc and it just becomes more accepted most states will prolly realize its more of a pain in the arse to try and micromanage it and it will go the way of a drivers license, you just have to have one from somewhere.
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