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Originally Posted by djandj View Post
So Gene, are you saying that ILL, the most anti-gun state around, is simply going to let this 180 days lapse and NOT re-write the law to allow some limited application so it passes muster? See I'm betting that a "some" carry law will not be struck. NO carry at all is constitutionally difficult, but yet, here in CA the vast majority of us will NEVER see a CCW and yet, no one is anywhere close to overturning the Sheriff's perrogative. So why wouldn't ILL simply put together a draconian policy and say good luck. Just like DOC did after Heller.
Did you see the B-slapping that chicago got in Ezell for trying to do that with their shooting range ban BS?

Every time they try that crap they just piss off the courts more and tighten the noose around their own neck.
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