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This thread was deleted (temporarily), cleaned up and resurrected to reflect its relevance. Is it possible to keep things that way here? What Taperxz said above (and I will be happy when the partisan bickering ends).



Judge Callahan sat on the Bench in CTIA the Wireless Association v. City & county of S.F., which involves a First Amendment claim in which there is "forced speech".

Could the heightened cause requirement be considered "forced speech" if this court rules in CTIA the Wireless that requiring waring labels on products that are protected by the First Amendment is a violation? This case also sounds like Anderson v. Hermosa Beach, does it not?


Is it normal for a Counsel to say before a Court that 50 amicus briefs are not anything to rely on? It happens somewhere in the argument of the below case. (Edit again): I believe that the amicus briefs they talk about are in favor of the Government.


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