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Originally Posted by Window_Seat View Post
Also, for those doubting that this court will continue to be par for the course in their standards ...
This panel will probably do what the 9th circuit panels always do: they'll start with the conclusion that they want to find (in this case, "We don't want ordinary citizens carrying guns because we think ordinary citizens are dangerous and emotionally unstable") and then they'll work backwards to arrive at the arguments they need to make in order to arrive at that conclusion. This is especially true since all the powers that be in the 9th circuit also really, really want to stop ordinary citizens from carrying arms, and the 9th circuit justices are highly influenced by the opinions of the powers that be.


We're going to lose this case in the 9th.

SCOTUS or bust. And it has to be SCOTUS before Obama has a chance to reshape that court, too. Once again, I can't thank enough all the gun owners nationwide who thought voting for Obama, or voting for no one at all, was okay because their gun rights looked secure to them.

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