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Default CA Legal Timberwolf Pistol Discussion

I want to start a discussion on making our Timberwolf glock replacement frames CA compliant.

We are hoping to get them into CA under the single shot exemption.

The plan is to put a setscrew through the mag release into some training mags we have on hand to pin the mag in.

We'd also install a custom long barrel to meet the OAL requirements.

The mag system is a no brainer and can be done today. The barrel on the other hand may take some time. We are so back-ordered on normal barrels and its taking a front seat to new projects. We'd not be totally opposed to buying someone else's barrels in a pinch to get us into CA quicker.

Once we get a working gun where we think it'll fly we'll send it out to some of our CA contacts for their opinions and then to the DOJ for approval.

We are working on it but I think the pistols will take us a little longer then the G9 carbine to get CA compliant.
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