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Originally Posted by speedrrracer View Post
You're going to want to try a few different flavors. Seems no two guns are guaranteed to perform best with the same ammo.

Try Eley, Lapua, Wolf Match, etc -- all the usual suspects making match-quality ammo.
^ this ^

Every 22 is different, and even two identical rifles produced on the same line on the same day may prefer different ammo. Wolf Match Target is the cheapest ($50ish/brick) and most rifles seem to like it pretty well. Wolf Match Extra runs about $75ish/brick. Lapua Center-X runs about $100 or so, but some of the really expensive stuff is double that. Usually the best advice is to buy a 50rd box ($5-20) of each and see which your rifle shoots best. That may be hard right now because all of the match ammo got bought up during the panic.. Clean it between each flavor and then shoot 10-20 fouling rounds before shooting for comparison. Champion Shooters' Supply still has a bit of Lapua Center-X but only by the box (not by the case - change the drop-down box and it'll hopefully still be available). Champion's prices are pre panic prices but they do add a processing charge for credit cards and a shipping charge. They charged me $13 shipping for 2 bricks, and a week later $17 shipping for 3 bricks which is fair.
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