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Default consistant ammo

the other post naming all the best names in ammunition are good choices. most consistent I have found is Elley black box. Cheaper than Tennex and the same results. You can make your own consistent ammo with an hour or two of time and three tools: a rim gauge (from champions choice tennessee) a caliper gauge and scale from harbor freight. Then buy mid range quality target ammo like standard plus (same as wolf match but less money) or Elley Club or cheaper bulk ammo then sort your ammunition by size of rim, length of bullet (most critical measurement according to the guys who shoot for money at the Compton Gun club) and weight. Get your ammo sorted so it is all the same or within a 5% to 10% tolerance of these measurement categories and you will have top grade match ammo. That is what the manufacturers do, all the ammo is manufactured on the same machines, primer, powder, bullet and lubrication is all that varies. That is why you want to start with better grade ammo (I use the Standard Plus or Elley Club) that way you get the best of everything and end up with $25 a box stuff for $7 a box cost. good luck with 200 yards that is a long way for rimfire ammo to be consistent. there are programs at the optics manufacturers websites that can help you calculate the trajectory or your ammo.
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