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Calguns Screen name: Markky004
Name: Joseph Pellegrino
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Joined Calguns Jul 2018
Status: Banned
Email: (or can be some other phony address)

Beware of this out of state scam response to your WTB or WTS ads!! This "seller" will ask for ONLY Moneygram payment from an out of state location while posting stolen photos from well known auction sites claiming to be his/her own firearm.
I posted a WTB ad recently on the WTB and Collector's Exchange for a pretty rare rifle. Got a PM from member Markky004 to email a man named Joseph Pellegrino. Emailed this guy and he claimed he had a specimen to sell but actually stole photos from the auction website saying the photos were his. He asks ONLY for Moneygram claiming his wife works for them and it was perfectly 'safe' for me to send payment directly to him. He claims his FFL is mainly absent due to tending to a 'sick wife'. We maintained frequent email correspondence as to complete the deal in a safer way than Moneygram. I asked for more specific and clearer pictures of his 'mystery nonexistent' rifle that he 'had' for ie bore pics, sling pics, safety lever, etc. I told him if I dont get more pics, no deal! The guy finally gave out and backed out of our email conversations.

Be careful guys and gals!!!!
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